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    Needs someone to repair cladding

    My landscaper hit my rear drivers cladding on my Typhoon with his trailer, I need someone who can repair the cracks. Please email me at
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    Whose Syclone at Capitol Raceway?

    I found this video on another forum and this Syclone running 10.2's pops up! 3/4 way through the vid.:thumbsup:
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    New Typhoon??? :drinking:
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    Anyone want to buy this Typhoon?
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    Moroso Aug 14-15 Nopi Nationals

    Anyone goin? I plan on attending with a bunch EVolutions from South FL and would like to check out some SyTy's from the area, the first round is on me. :drinking:
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    Spotted 92' Typhoon on 41 Going To Miami?

    I spotted a 92' Black/Black Typhoon heading towards Miami on 41, I waved, but of course I was not in my Ty. ::thumbsup::
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    Anyone have a Carfax Account?

    I need to check the history on a 87' Buick GN. Thanks :D
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    I need some assistance.

    Please prove me wrong. I beleive stock to stock that a perfectly running 92'-93' GMC Typhoon on street tire's is faster in the 1/4 mile only than the 99'-03' Ford Lightning's. Most L owner's cannot even run mid 13's(documented) with their truck's and I know of several Ty's that have run...
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    Most Factory Horse-power made by a Sy or Ty?

    I wanted to find out who has made the most measured wheel horse-power on a stock Syclone or Typhoon. I had few people ask me and I thought is was around 341. Thank's
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    Chicago Peep's Check-In.

    Hi, I wanted to meet up with any SyTy owner's in the Chicago area. :D I will be in the Deerfield Area till Tuesday evening, I am buying the beer's if we meet up. 8) Cheer's
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    Rear-Window Scratch Removal 92' Typhoon

    Can anyone help me figure out what kind of buffing compound that I will need to remove light scratches from my rear-window? They are from the rear-wiper and very faint and you cannot feel them. I was quoted $75.00 from a local shop to remove them and I know it can be fixed for much cheaper...
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    Any SyTyer's with a Mitsubishi Evo 8?

    I am thinking about buying one as a daily driver, so I can modify my Ty even more. Any opinion's would be appreciated. I was set on buying a 04' Golf R32 when available next year and was able to test drive a BBBY 03' Evo and loved it ::thumbsup::. Still interested in the Golf R32 though. :D...
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    Digital Boost Gauge/How Accurate

    I purchased my 92' Typhoon and already had a Digital Boost Gauge(Cyberdyne?) installed in a two-gauge pod. I want to buy a matching FP gauge to match, but before the purchase, I wanted to find out if the mechanical boost gauge would be more accurate? If not, what digital FP guage would be the...
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    White/White Typhoon / Naples, FL

    Hi, I spotted a Wht/Wht Typhoon this morning about 10 a.m., you passed me while I was making a right turn by Sound Advice. I was driving a Red/Gray Typhoon that is lowered with dark-gray ZR-1 wheel's. Give me a email if you are on the list...