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  • No, Not at all. You and your family are more than welcome to join in any event or meet that we have. Please send me your email again and I will update the mail box. Thank you.
    No more monthly breakfasts? I only got 1 invite. Am I discluded because I brought the fam along last time?
    South Bay SyTy/SGT started in 2011 by Jason Lucier, with the dream of helping to preserve the legacy of these awesome sport vehicles.

    We are a club that meets on the second Sunday of every month at:

    Norms Restaurantin Torrance California from 8am to 10am

    18705 Hawthorne Blvd
    Torrance‎ CA‎ 90504-5505
    United States

    Hope to see you all there.

    Also on Facebook at.
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