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  • Hi Sean this is Ric with the Blk Ty from Chicago. I'm looking to get my trans rebuilt I think it's starting to go bad. I just got my truck back and it's up on jack stands already. What is the name and address of the trans shop in Villa Park and do you have any suggestions of what I can tell them for the build. Thanks call me if you have time 630-453-8296
    Hey Sean, quick question. I just got the AFCO rears from Sportmachines and theres no paperwork at all. How do I know where to start? How many total clicks are there? Do you have some pics of yours installed? Thanks again!!
    Hey Sean,

    My names Tyler, I don’t post much on the site but just wanted to ask you a quick question in regards to your Ty and whom, if anyone, does work on it. I own Ty 1874 and live in the Beach Park/Waukegan area, just north of Des Plains. I bought the Truck in 2007 and have been having issues with it since. I'm trying to find a mechanic in our area that does good work on it and can be trusted. I brought my truck to a SyTy “Guru” for a tune and he ended up saying the motor was blown and took it apart and left it for dead 4 years ago. I now have the truck in the garage but do not know where I can trailer it to to get it up and out on the streets. Is there anyone you would recommend to re-build, tune and bring it back to life for me?? I’ve heard Straightline Performance from other guys on the site and another suggested RPM in Cali but that’s way too far to ship. I’m just trying to get my truck looking good and running like yours. Thanks for any information you may be willing to share, it’s greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll run into you at one of these cars shows!!
    Hey dude did you chrome plate all that under the hood or was it powder coated ? ceramic coated ?
    Hello Sean, I have not made it there yet but I know a couple of fellows that do go up there. I plan to go there soon but my friday's have been very busy lately. Shoot me an email when you plan to go and maybe we can meet up there. Thanks


    I see you replaced your front wheel bearings recently, I need to do this to my Syclone now - what parts did you use / source from? I need front wheel bearing and hub assembly. Thanks in advance!
    hey sorry it took me so long to get back to ya man i hardly ever check myspace anymore. In that video its got a 3" high flow cat and stock downpipe cut off right after the cat. id recommend that if you already have an atr 3" setup that you talk to a muffler shop and get a test pipe made. or else a cutout. if you got the money electric cutouts are a lot of fun too. open it up in a neighborhood with the push of a button and scare little kids. leave the cat though you can overboost without a cat converter and the stock internal wastegate
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