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    Full frame off resto

    Glad to see you back at it. Keep up the great work.
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    Code 42. Engine stalling.

    Do you have the ability to see what your IAC counts, open / closed loop. These will help with troubleshooting.
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    More octane vs cooler air

    Octane, need to increase the fuel supply. A lot of good info and tech articles here on getting the most out of these trucks.
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    Tonneau Cover

    I purchased a VioGi on Amazon. Can't complain, fit and finish is acceptable not a snap type but works for me.
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    Building traction aids

    Check out They have a good amount of S10 suspension builder parts and are very reputable in the low rider community. They have what your asking for when it comes to the lower bracket.
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    Garnet #0453

    Definitely my favorite color combo. A good place to start with is one of the specialty insurance companies like Hagerty. Ask them for a replacement value quote. You might have to answer a few questions or take some pics. Knowing the owner will definitely help with that part. But they should be...
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    Syclone in MA

    Josh, It's funny how true your statement is. A co-worker of mine has one as well. I have never seen his truck as he has never seen mine. We talk almost every week about the trucks but have never met up with the trucks.
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    Hot wheels 20 pack with Syclone!

    Could it be modeled after a specific truck? Does anyone know one with that color, wheel combo?
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    Newbie in NH!

    Cheers, Welcome aboard and I feel your pain. I lurked for years before the wife finally made me pull the trigger on my Sy.
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    Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM

    Definitely on my wish list. Can these be upgraded from stage 1 to stage 3 later in life or does it require the purchase of the stage 3 ecu system at that time?
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    Question on New Engine Quest bare cylinder head castings, Vortec

    I can't wait for the results! I will say I have a set of promax on a roller 383 and am very happy with them. I can't wait to see what they will do for these motors.
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    Modified Trucks That Need Emissions

    Now we're on the same page! I agree 100%, so back to the emissions issues. In Cali they would function test the egr. They would disconnect the vacuum line an hook up a vacuum pump and cycle the egr to see if they vehicle would stumble/bog down. This would indicate a working egr. Do you know...
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    Modified Trucks That Need Emissions

    I lived in Fort collins, Wellington, Windsor and Greely. I still have family spread out from Denver to Dacono. Hell I can probably help you get your truck passed. I built houses and would get the cops called on me from the same people that would bring me cases of beer when I would work late...
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    Modified Trucks That Need Emissions

    And who said bigotry is dead? No offense taken from me. Why do think I left Colorado in 2000? It was bad then could only imagine what is like now. Californians didn't make it bad it was all those yuppies from Boulder. I was working their in the 90's and remember all this BS laws that they...
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    Modified Trucks That Need Emissions

    Sounds like your going to have to do some research on the new laws. When I lived in California you could take your vehicle to a "smog ref" that would inspect it and determine if it was exempt or what you had to do to be compliant. This was mainly for a vehicle that was purchased out of state...