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    FS JL Syclones and Syclone Tshirt

    Im getting rid of the rest of my memorabilia. Shipping on the toys $2.50 each or package deal $5.50 send as a gift or add the %3 for paypal fees. They are 5.00 a peice except the one with the license plate ill take 7.50 for it.
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    FS Jeep Steering shaft and Syclone stickers

    Just like it reads i found this stuff laying around and i believe its the last of it.I will sell the whole set of stickers for 65 shipped and ill do 65 plus shipping on the shaft. Let me know thanks. Oh the one sticker you cant hardly see is white and says gmc truck motosports.
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    F.S. Parts

    Well this is the last of my stuff! The cam is a comp cams custom grind for vortec head swap its brand new its got some assembly lube on it where i started to put it in and stopped. The arp head studs are brand new. The chip burner my winney dog grabed it but it still works fine. I only used it...
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    FS Sy #0972 Sad day $5,000

    Yeah I hate to do this and I'm crying doing it but she has to go! I'm fresh off being let go at work and now I'm trying to start my own business and really need the money. I bought the truck going on three years ago and have slowly brought it back to life. The truck has 110 k on it. Doesn't burn...
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    F.S. Awesome parts

    Well guys i hate to do this but the POS I worked for and Pretty much ran his damn business for him while he went through his divorse for a year let me go yesterday. So Im screwed! So heres the parts i had saved up and was getting closer to being able to put all my shit together. Sorry will add...
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    Best place to buy Amsoil?

    Also is there a place where I can buy it and use a code? If so could somebody hook me up with a discount code? Thanks for the help!
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    FS 6.0 LQ4 Intake and ECM

    This is for you V8 guys.The intake is a 6.0 liter truck intake. Will also fit most LS motors too. It comes with the throttle body, fuel rails and injectors. The ECM will also work with a most Ls motors also.Asking $350 for both or $275 for intake and $75 for the Ecm plus shipping.
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    SOLD FS Two 245/45R17 99w

    As the title says they are Falken Azenis RT615 very sticky tire.They are brand new never put on a wheel.Im asking 150 plus shipping.Heres some pics.If you need anymore pics just let me know.
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    FS 50# injectors

    I have a set of 50 pound Delphi High Impedence fuel injectors very low miles around 500 I'll take 150 plus shipping prolly 5 for shipping and payapl fees so prolly 160.
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    Kenne Bell Intercooler

    As it reads i have a full kit forsale asking 450 plus shipping.I painted the pipes flat black with heat coating.Will post pics tonight when i get home.
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    Adding another fuse

    Ok here's my problem I have added two separate add a fuses to the fuse block and now I'm needing to add another for a electric fan setup. I don't want to piggy back off my wide band power source don't want any interference with it. The other circuit I'm using is for my light on the boost gauge...
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    FS KB intake

    Ill take 100 bucks for it plus shipping.Its in good shape no holes and i cleaned the filter with kn cleaner.Thanks in advance.Its boxed ready to ship asap.
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    Teal SGT In GA

    I seen this truck sitting at a local dinner so i stopped to talk to the guy.I think he thinks he has a Syclone by the way he talked about the truck.I asked how much he would take for it and he acted as if he wanted 10,000 for it.He would never give me a price and i wasnt going to be rude and...
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    Downpipe Help

    Could someone tell me what turbo this downpipe will fit? or what type of flange this is?
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    Cam specs?

    I have a few questions i have searched but couldnt find what i wanted so ill ask can anyone give me the specs to the stock cam?And im going with vortec head swap 2.02 1.60 1.6 rockers and mild ported KB headers with built bottom end with 4 bolt mains and prolly around a 64mm turbo with 3000...