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  • Hi, I saw a recent post saying you had new console cover hinges for sale. If so what is the cost and what are payment methods? Thanks, John
    David. front fender cladding (drivers side) $450, if the rear wheel arch is the one you are talking about it
    is $250 cladding is factory new.You can call if you want to,it is 3:45 PM.in Calif. now
    Ray ( 831 ) 476-7643
    Ray h

    Hello my name is David I am looking to purchase a Syclone but it needs front and rear driver wheel cladding and was told that you might have those parts for sale I live in Mass. so if you have them and quote me a price it would be much appreciated.

    I will call you tomorrow if that works for you. Or else Text me any time tonight if you would like. I am working so I cannot take calls right now. I hope you have a lot of the parts for my Syclone!

    My cell # 630-201-6706. Like I said feel free to text.

    Thanks for the note. We were actually out of town and just got back. Home for a day then me and my best friend are going to Bonneville for Speed Week. Should be fun. Never done that before.

    Take care,

    Hi Guy: Do you have tailgate key assembly t shaped that the key goes in, and you turn it?
    Most I have seen a black. Thanks

    Billy the Kid
    do you happen to have a nos typhoon emblem for the 1993 typhoon glovebox door by chance?

    Nice to see you here. I live in Campbell, CA. Purchased the right front fender for you for my '92 Ty.
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