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  1. 1BADSUV

    Needs someone to repair cladding

    My landscaper hit my rear drivers cladding on my Typhoon with his trailer, I need someone who can repair the cracks. Please email me at
  2. 1BADSUV

    Whose Syclone at Capitol Raceway?

    I found this video on another forum and this Syclone running 10.2's pops up! 3/4 way through the vid.:thumbsup:
  3. 1BADSUV

    New Typhoon??? :drinking:
  4. 1BADSUV

    Anyone want to buy this Typhoon?
  5. 1BADSUV

    Moroso Aug 14-15 Nopi Nationals

    Anyone goin? I plan on attending with a bunch EVolutions from South FL and would like to check out some SyTy's from the area, the first round is on me. :drinking:
  6. 1BADSUV

    Spotted 92' Typhoon on 41 Going To Miami?

    I spotted a 92' Black/Black Typhoon heading towards Miami on 41, I waved, but of course I was not in my Ty. ::thumbsup::
  7. 1BADSUV

    Anyone have a Carfax Account?

    I need to check the history on a 87' Buick GN. Thanks :D
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    I need some assistance.

    Please prove me wrong. I beleive stock to stock that a perfectly running 92'-93' GMC Typhoon on street tire's is faster in the 1/4 mile only than the 99'-03' Ford Lightning's. Most L owner's cannot even run mid 13's(documented) with their truck's and I know of several Ty's that have run...
  9. 1BADSUV

    Most Factory Horse-power made by a Sy or Ty?

    I wanted to find out who has made the most measured wheel horse-power on a stock Syclone or Typhoon. I had few people ask me and I thought is was around 341. Thank's
  10. 1BADSUV

    Chicago Peep's Check-In.

    Hi, I wanted to meet up with any SyTy owner's in the Chicago area. :D I will be in the Deerfield Area till Tuesday evening, I am buying the beer's if we meet up. 8) Cheer's
  11. 1BADSUV

    Rear-Window Scratch Removal 92' Typhoon

    Can anyone help me figure out what kind of buffing compound that I will need to remove light scratches from my rear-window? They are from the rear-wiper and very faint and you cannot feel them. I was quoted $75.00 from a local shop to remove them and I know it can be fixed for much cheaper...
  12. 1BADSUV

    Any SyTyer's with a Mitsubishi Evo 8?

    I am thinking about buying one as a daily driver, so I can modify my Ty even more. Any opinion's would be appreciated. I was set on buying a 04' Golf R32 when available next year and was able to test drive a BBBY 03' Evo and loved it ::thumbsup::. Still interested in the Golf R32 though. :D...
  13. 1BADSUV

    Digital Boost Gauge/How Accurate

    I purchased my 92' Typhoon and already had a Digital Boost Gauge(Cyberdyne?) installed in a two-gauge pod. I want to buy a matching FP gauge to match, but before the purchase, I wanted to find out if the mechanical boost gauge would be more accurate? If not, what digital FP guage would be the...
  14. 1BADSUV

    White/White Typhoon / Naples, FL

    Hi, I spotted a Wht/Wht Typhoon this morning about 10 a.m., you passed me while I was making a right turn by Sound Advice. I was driving a Red/Gray Typhoon that is lowered with dark-gray ZR-1 wheel's. Give me a email if you are on the list...
  15. 1BADSUV

    Help! New 3" Cat./Won't Idle Smooth

    I just did the Conrad Cap/Rotor, AC Delco Plug's, wire's, and ignition module. I have been driving the Typhoon without and catalytic converter and decided to add one. I originally was pulling a code 42/43, but fixed that. The exhaust is making a light burping sound, if that will help with...
  16. 1BADSUV

    Electronic Spark Control?

    My truck pulled a code 42 and my mechanic is telling me I need to replace the computer. I remember reading that the ESC module is located near the distributor. What is the part number for this peice and how hard is it to replace. My motor seem's to run pretty smooth, but the mechanic think's...
  17. 1BADSUV

    Rear Drive-shaft

    I am trying to track down a vibration on my Typhoon and had the truck up on a lift and my mechanic told me my rear drive-shaft is bent. When on the lift, we put the truck in drive and he put a screwdriver edge on the shaft and you could tell it was vibrating. Is that enough to put the AWD...
  18. 1BADSUV

    ZR-1 Wheel's

    I have the 17x9.5 ZR-1 style wheel's off a 96' Camaro SS. I did a search and did not come up with an answer to my question. I am having a balancing problem and my wheel's are straight, also added a set of Sumitomo HTRZ's in 275/40/17. The installer is using a new Hunter-Douglas high-speed...
  19. 1BADSUV

    Rear Drive-shaft Replacement

    I did a search and did not find any info. My rear drive-shaft is bent, what company's make a reasonable replacement that can take some torque? I have the usual mod's and plan on making more power in the future, so I need a rear-driveshaft that will not bend...