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  1. proptop

    Looking for info on some old Brodix heads

    Matt, I have the intake here in the shop. Give me a call if you still have my number. Bob
  2. proptop

    Bryant Racing Crankshaft

    420, I have in a crate on the shelf but it is a pain in the ass to get out to look for the numbers you wanted. Mine is a Bryant 2.650 main 3.750 stroke deal. It was made to go into block casting number 10134351. Got it from Mike Lee a few years back. There might be some pictures on here of...
  3. proptop

    Looking for a 388 Block

    Buick 6, Just sent you a PM. Thanks, Bob
  4. proptop

    Upper LOWER cracked

    Grind out the crack and Clean it really good and weld it up. Aaron Timm might have a stock lower also. Bob
  5. proptop

    Is This Going to Run Like Crap?

    Sir, Could you turn it sideways and come in over the drivers valve cover? The gas/tranny cables might be long enough to reach also looks like your intercooler pipe is coming up on that side in front of the alternator. Just a thought. Bob
  6. proptop

    Introducing myself

    Welcome Sir!!!!!! Bob
  7. proptop

    Carlisle this year (2021)?

    Dan B, Not sure what day is good because I have never been myself. I am also in the market for a few items (namely a raised runner Pontiac head). Anyone have a non ported bare head lying around? Thanks, Bob
  8. proptop

    Carlisle this year (2021)?

    I might ride over there but not taking the truck. Bob
  9. proptop

    Transmission issues

    No Shit I was thinking the same thing reading this post. He knows his stuff and can remember it all Amazing!!!!! Bob
  10. proptop

    New from Kentucky Syclone # ????

    Sorry about that as I can't read LoL!!!!!!! Bob
  11. proptop

    New from Kentucky Syclone # ????

    Sir, Is the door sticker still there? Also look at the vin number on the dash that should help you get the number. By chance what is the asking price? Thanks, Bob
  12. proptop

    Jamie’s Syclone build

    That is a GOOD looking truck. Nice Job. Bob
  13. proptop

    6th Annual Midwest SyTy Meet June 26th & 27th

    Graham, I am in King George Va. Haven't worked on the truck at all this past year. Been working on a TTA for My Best Buddy for awhile but just about done with mockup. Then Hopefully back to the truck. Just need to make another downpipe mount the pull the motor for a head swap and maybe...
  14. proptop

    6th Annual Midwest SyTy Meet June 26th & 27th

    Wish I could but the truck is not back up and running. Also it is a bit of a hike from Virginia. Might try and make it out there next year as there are a few guys that I would like to meet over there. Bob
  15. proptop

    5.88 @121 new best AWD suspension tuning is not easy!

    Sir, Same here and was wondering if you had found a Magical cure for that problem!!!!!! Bob
  16. proptop

    5.88 @121 new best AWD suspension tuning is not easy!

    DrHill, Quick question. What did you do to keep the front end from getting in the air? Also do you have a LSD in the front? Thanks, Bob
  17. proptop

    WTB Syclone Aftermarket Turbo and Downpipe

    Sport Machines. Bob
  18. proptop


    Turbo Tweak on the injectors and chip. Also like Josh stated make sure to do a detailed once over on everything. Bob
  19. proptop

    Cant get over 12lb boost

    Have you checked your wastegate to ensure that it is sealing? Bob