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  1. wildphil

    Looking for pistons and cam

    I have a used set of pistons and rods. And most likely a used cam.
  2. wildphil

    1993 Typhoon 623 for sale

    You descriptions of your truck and parts is where everyone got the idea of parts missing. If you would have started off with a post like this last post there would have been no confusion. But now you have been pretty thorough with this post so now everyone should know what is going on. You have...
  3. wildphil

    1993 Typhoon 623 for sale

    You say that you have a set of 92 seats. Does that mean that some of the interior is not there also? If you are missing quite a bit of the SyTy engine parts that is going to most likely hurt the value. There is not a lot of those parts floating around and many potential buyers will want to use...
  4. wildphil

    1993 Typhoon 623 for sale

    Is the turbo, intake + exhaust manifolds, and other engine parts also no longer with the truck?
  5. wildphil

    Sy 678

    The hoses that I have will not have the correct date codes in them. Those are going to be very hard for you to find.
  6. wildphil

    Sy 678

    That is sure right. If you own a SyTy you have to be very creative. I should have all of those parts in my stash but I may have to see pictures of some of them to make sure what I am looking for. I don't remember every part as well as I used to. If the OP could help with that I will check. But...
  7. wildphil

    Engine Removal

    Dave's idea is a good one. I am so lazy. I always tend to try the lazy way if possible. Like find someone to turn the key in the truck so I could listen to save me having to move the battery. Don't you have a nosy neighbor that likes to keep tabs on what you are doing that you can give them a...
  8. wildphil

    Replacement HVAC vacuum control switch?

    I believe that I have one more set of controls left that I removed from a donor vehicle years ago. They look nice but I was unable to test them. I would sell if anyone is interested.
  9. wildphil

    List of grounds

    Back of the head driver side. Stud that secures water neck. That is a couple of places that I can think of.
  10. wildphil

    Front end popping

    I sure would have thought the cv joint. But you have changed that twice.
  11. wildphil

    Anyone have a working underhood light assembly for sale, or the GM Part Number?

    You could order connectors and change them out to the style you wish. Edit: Never mind that one is sold now.
  12. wildphil

    Anyone have a working underhood light assembly for sale, or the GM Part Number?

    Here is one for sale on ebay.
  13. wildphil

    Considering modding a stock ty

    A little exhaust work will be fine. No need to do more than maybe a better muffler and cat. There are a few trucks that are modified that run very well and are very cool. But a very large number of these trucks are sitting in garages either waiting on more parts to make them run "right" or the...
  14. wildphil

    Considering modding a stock ty

    I have had stock trucks and I have had modded trucks. I will never mod another one. Stock trucks tend to be much more reliable with far less work. And you don't waste nearly as much money leaving the truck stock.
  15. wildphil

    Turbo 3800 blazer

    I love that truck. It sure is quick!
  16. wildphil


    This cable works very well. Tunerpro link.
  17. wildphil

    Looking for Sy mechanic near the Los Angeles area.

    The valve seals leaking a bit of oil past them won't hurt a anything. That puff of smoke is the leaked oil burning off. There is in attachment that screws into the spark plug hole that air from a compressor applied will hold the valve in place during the replacement of the seals. I have also...
  18. wildphil

    Intercooler bracket questions

    Edit: I made a post before I noticed your post about fabbing your own bracket Dan. I see now you have your issue resolved.
  19. wildphil

    Intercooler bracket questions

    That is certainly not high spark advance. If the knock stays low at WOT, like 1 or lower. I would work on the AFR. Keep an eye on the knock to make sure it doesn't go up.
  20. wildphil

    Intercooler bracket questions

    What is the spark advance set at now? Lower it a little more and see if the 1.1 knock goes away. The 1.1 is not bad but lower is better. The 10.0 AFR is to rich also. But you know that.