Can someone take a picture of the EVAP canister?


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So, I am trying to figure out a gas smell I am getting. I believe (with teh help of Dave) that it is coming from either the EVAP canister. Here is a picture of my canister (1992 typhoon). Looks original. I had 2 hoses to it. Tank one (labeled tank) and the one going to the bottom of the throttle body (with teh check valve) going to the other one (labeled purge). But the one is marked air had no line, and the one on top I believe is a vent? I am trying to find one new. If you can take a picture of yours and post it for reference for me, that would be very helpful!
Thank You in advance!


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I may have a factory one. I wish I checked earlier this site. I just pulled a bunch of shit out.

That doesn't look correct. Whatever the big thing is on top. Doesn't look firmilliar to my current one in syclone . And I have another one laying around so e where


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I thought so, it doesn't look correct. The top one lets air out like a vent? I put air into it, and air came out...
I purchased a new one from rock auto. is different from this one
That's not the right canister. You have the "other one" we talked about on the phone. The correct one doesn't have the round vacuum valve on it.
If I was a betting man, I would say that the diaphragm in your fuel pressure regulator has split open. Check the oil see if it smells like gas.
Pressure makes them split. When it happens gas will dump into your oil and you can smell it. Easy to check just smell your dipstick.