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As a comparision the Chevrolet Trailblazer was in production from 2002 to 2009. The Trailblazer SS was discontinued the 2009 model year. The Equinox and Traverse took its place as it also had an EXT version that would seat up to 8 people (as the Traverse will) and also was more commonly seen in its 5 seat arrangement (which the Equinox replaced). The production numbers for the SS were about
2006 - 9361
2007 - 10726
2008 - 4068

So there was a niche market for an ls2 SUV back then. I dont know if it would as popular today.


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The Nox and terrain are the proper sized vehicles comparable to the S-series. GM attemped a "sport truck" with the AWD Equinox sport in 2008 but apparently it flopped (personally I like them though Ive driven a couple) Nothing comparable to sy/ty though. A successor would be nice, but the Sy/Ty didnt do well in times when gas was cheap and musclecars were desirable by more people. A new Sy/Ty would flop in these economic times. But at the same time, Jepp does fine with their SRT8's, Ford is selling plenty of Raptors and Expensive Harley Pickups, the SRT10 did ok...why not GM?

Any HP Torque numbers out on this motor yet?
There never was a market for Syclones and Typhoons.

They were $45-50k trucks in todays $ in the middle of a war and 7.5% unemployment,and GM did shit to advertise/promote them.

**** GM.


Seems like our stock ECM could run it. It makes about the same power than our stock boosted version. Limit boost with race gas 15 psi? No VVT cam. How would it do keeping it direct injection or port injection a must? Too much carbon build up as is possibly.


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I've been wondering a LOT about this new 4.3 in a SyTy - especially since that GN got swapped with one, and boosted at that!!!

So since its been done once, and we know it can be done, who's gonna take the plunge and start building one for their SyTy???


I eould love to try it but my Ty is running so good Id hate to change it. That and time and money of course.


I would still like to realize the ElectriSyTy. Tesla swap! Wrecked Teslas are getting cheaper. Then, get the Ludicrous upgrade.