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Due to popular demand, we have made an event shirt for Carlisle this year. The final version has some tweaks but you get the jist. They will be available at Carlisle and what remains will be sold afterwards for those of you who could not attend, but would like a shirt. There will be black Tshirts for $20 and hoodies for $45

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Thats awsome Tom ... hoodie for sure could there be a pink one ... but ok if not I know you have to order in bulk. I like the tribute to jack too

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Re: Event shirts

those are cool... if by chance you can get a FMA (Fat Man Approved!) shirt made up would be great (4x) I will buy one. lol


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Oh....hell...yes! Very nice! Well done. :tup:

Not interested in hoodies, but will def take a shirt or two.


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Re: Event shirts

First post updated with prices.

Tshirts $20. Hoodies $45 Both will be Black only. Because the shirt is two sided, sleeve and 3 colors, additional screens and time would be needed to do other color Ts, so we kept it simple.


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Re: Event shirts

It was late, I didn't see it.. I will deff take
Large Black T-Shirt. (Maybe SweatShirt)