Fan Shroud

Hi guys, not really an engine question but it is under the hood and I figured I'd have more views here so here goes.

I am having to put a radiator in my Sy. My fan shrouds are a little beat up so thinking about replacing them while I've got it torn down. Am I right in thinking the bottom shroud is common to all the S series v6 trucks but the top is Sy specific? A lot of the time with these trucks you search for parts and you get stuff that "fits a Sy" but doesn't really fit. Anybody have the original part numbers so I can cross check "fit" if I find any or a link to ones you know are correct. ?

BTW, I picked up a radiator from Advance that was supposed to fit a Syclone. It didn't. The oil cooler inlets were smaller than original and had brass adapters to fit the original lines. The extra length of the fittings put the lines slap dab in the middle of my intake pipe where it comes out of the filter box. :(



The fan shroud is not syty specific, just regular s series. Chack and see if the fittings are removable and that may be all you need to do
I have been looking at some photos of stock s series trucks and there are definitely different upper shrouds for the v-6's. It looks like there are at least three different ones. Ours does look like the same one as some of the tbi engines having a molded in radiator hose support. There is a different one on some of the other engines which have no hose support. Maybe the carb'ed engines?? The Vortec with the cfpi is different still with the main difference being the routing of the radiator hose and intake tract. I can't tell about the bottom half of the shroud though. I would guess it would come closer to being the same for all of them since the radiator hose and intake tract are not an issue with the lower.

As far as the radiator goes the fittings will come out but then the original lines are too big and will not screw into the radiator. I could possibly bend my lines and make it fit but I am worried about collapsing or kinking the lines and developing leaks. There would be no problem with this set up working on the tbi or carb'ed engines but it will not fit the vortecs because they use the same air filter box as the Sy/ty's.