List of grounds


Tried searching, didn't find anything. Is there a thread listing the grounds in a Sy that should be checked and cleaned. I know the general ones under the hood and in the cab, but is there anything additional hidden that I might be missing?

Engine bay: Battery, Behind engine, ???

Cab: Below driver a-pillar, ecm ground, ???



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Back of the head driver side. Stud that secures water neck. That is a couple of places that I can think of.


Engine bay: Battery, Behind engine (back of head driver side), Water neck stud, ??

Cab: Below driver a-pillar, ecm ground, ???

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Ground strap between rear of left head and firewall.
10ga wire between battery (-) and top of RF frame rail.
(2) places Front Lamp Harness to cowl support near each highlight bucket.
Fuel pump and gauge ground to frame. Top of frame in front of license plate (Ty), Top of frame near filler tube (Sy).
Rear Lighting ground. LR inside of frame rail. (Sy). LR corner, behind trim, inside car. (Ty).
Blower motor and relay ground. Firewall, RH side, above A/C suitcase.
There are several grounds for things like Fog lights, Cruise Control, Pwr Windows and Locks, Rear wiper (Ty) at the "Buss Bar Ground". Attached to the bottom of steel pedal support bracket, to the left of brake pedal. Can be seen with the trim panel below the steering column removed.

There may be more. That's all I could remember.