New from Michigan, Syclone #2608


SyTy Stalker
Timbo, That may have been me who you saw with a Sy registered in Romeo. ( I also own the Tim Allen TY.)
I'm sure we met at either a homecoming or maybe at a get-together that Wade had in Chelsea many years ago.
If I remember you are from Alaska? And have /had a Typhoon.
Yup, I remember meeting you at the Chelsea meet, and a couple of Homecomings! I just didn't know you lived in Romeo. I'm from Alaska, but have been in Ohio for the past 9 years. I was there in Macomb county just last week inspecting a car for a friend!
I am also sorry to hear about your loss. Hats off to you though. I hope that one of my children will take on the burden of typhoon ownership. When I no longer can. Monroe Mi. here!