Hey guys, my main odometer has stopped working. Any ideas, fixes for it or where can I find a replacement? Anyone know if any of the other GM vehicles use the same odometer? I know the Sunbird GT would surely be the same but I would have just about as much luck finding a Sy/Ty/GT one. Lol.


If you get the cluster out it is pretty easy to change the motor, I got the motor powering mine out of a mid 90's 1500 in a junkyard. The only thing I had to do was swap the top "plate" that has the correct wires off of the one in the sy
Almost any GM from the early 90's with a mechanical odometer has the same motor. Sometimes the wiring harness for the motor is too short and has to be transferred from the SyTy motor to the replacement, but not fussy to do.

I've also moved the trip motor to the main odo when I was too lazy to go find a replacement.
Thanks guys. I would assume it would need to be from a 6 digit without tenths as long as it is electric. No problem with accuracy when you used the trip motor? I was not sure if the signal that controls the motor was from the computer or a speed sensor some where or if the motors were geared differently for different applications .
The trip and main motors are identical and interchangeable. Same with motors from other clusters and applications. I used to use Astro Van motors as they were prolific and easy to harvest in the pick-a-parts back in the days when I worked on these POS's regularly.

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