Sy303 oddfire efi


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Finally took the Sy to the track last week, it was very hot and I am not too disappointed.
(I have a 5.3 and will start building it in the winter)

Made 3 pass
1st 12.2 - E85 and Meth
2nd 12.1 - E85 not meth. IAT stated at 130 and end up 174 at the end of the 1/4
3rd 12.2 E85 and meth

It have a bad miss above 6k rpm, and the th400 shift at 6200, its like hitting the brake, once I figure out the miss its should be mid 11.
Boost for all 3 run starts at 10psi and end at 13psi, I have to figure this out, maybe cross pipe leaking.
Its running very lean, have to fix this too.



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Re: Sy303 oddfire efi



BTW- my nephew 2013 Audi S5 ran the same time as the sy. It have pulley and ecu upgrade.

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Re: Sy303 oddfire efi

Nice! What was your 60'? Rpm in 3rd looked really high. Maybe lock up the converter next time to drop the rpm. Kinda rare to see E85 with Meth bein used. What's your intercooler setup and Turbo?


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Re: Sy303 oddfire efi

60' was 1.8s and a 1.7.
Th400 no lockup , it's oddfire solid cam/lifters so high rpm shouldn't be a problem.
It has a front mount getto intercooler, i might change it.
The headers and turbo are a custom setup from RPM , I bought it off themadtyphoon many years ago. It's an innovative t72 bb T4 , 81 ar 3" vband.


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I am using Chrome to get to the site. Most likely could just be being blocked. Denny Nice lap by the way. Just wish I could see it.