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I know this has been did to death in here but looking for floor mats for my Sy. I have what most people call the "92" model mats that are cut just like this:


These are made by ACC but they do not offer the Syclone logos only GMC and Sonoma.

Below is what Lloyd's shows as the correct one for the Syclone. I wrote to them and questioned and they sent back a reply saying that these were the correct ones for a Syclone and that they sell two to three pair a month of these and they said they don't even have a pattern like the above ones.


Now Lloyd's show a different pattern for the regular S Jimmy which is neither of the patterns above although it does look like it would some closer to fitting than what they say is right. Now to me, I cannot picture how the Lloyd's Syclone pattern which they say is correct, would ever fit, and if they are selling 2 to 3 a month then who is buying them? Anyone on here?

I know they say the original mats were rubber but I looked at several Sy's when they were new and I don't remember any of them having rubber mats but that has been a long time ago. Anyone got a better source for mats?

Got these on ebay. They're thick cut pile, the driver's side fits perfect. The passenger's side not so much but it works decent enough.

Josh, Do you have any pictures of the installed fit? I still can't visualize how they would lie in the floorboard. Also, how's the color match? A lot of the threads I read said that black was not the right color, that it was too dark.
My current ones are in decent enough shape as far as the wear and condition of the carpet but I want to replace them because they seem to be fading some. I thought about just trying to re-dye them but I'm afraid it would mess up the logos. I did use some red marker to touch up the logo and bring it back to life which worked good. Did the same for the logo on the seats too.
You're right, the color doesn't match the carpet at all. Here are some pics. I have no idea why there is a cut out on the passenger floor mat, nothing is in that spot.



Why not get the actual "92 Syclone" carpet mats that were made before the PAS program got scrapped, they run around $150 if I recall and has the Syclone script.


Josh, I can see sorta how the cut out for the gas pedal and the brake could be a good thing but it covers up the toe pad that is made into the carpet at the front left. I couldn't figure out the passenger side cutout either. Are Typhoon floor pans any different? I figured they would be the same from the seat mounting pads forward. I thought that it originally would slide back further and straddle one of the seat track mounting points but then the front wouldn't fit. I like the logos though. They seem bigger and brighter than on the "92" style pictured above. They are a lot longer than the ones I have and run all the way up into the footwell while the ones I have pretty much just cover the foot pan.

Sy809, do you have a source for these? I've not found anything online. All I get are the ACC and Lloyd's mats.
I'm unsure on the floor pan differences between a sy and ty. Someone else with some typhoon knowledge would have to chime in.

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I'm unsure on the floor pan differences between a sy and ty.
None for the front mats. The floor pans are identical until the rear seat mount cross-member.

Could those "Syclone" Lloyd mats be for the 2019 Syclone?

I have a set of the 1992 Syclone mats from Ray Moore. They're a gray color, and the correct pattern. Had them for at least 10 years. Last I heard there were more of them available, and Ray's kid now has the inventory. I have not a clue how to contact him. He's in Utah or Idaho.


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I‘ve also looked and saw these same ones. Hard to find! The ones in my Sy I was was told they were the original ones but thats just hear say. They could be original ( I think) only because of the way the stitching and logo are made.. These are the ones in Sy ( haven’t vacuumed
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