Thanx Sportsmachines

gary sy

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Thankyou TOM AND YOUR CREW for making the Carlisle meet such an awsome time! As always it was great your commitment and dedication to making a top notch show eaven better really showed ! Keep it up we loved it :tup: :tup: Gary & Noelle


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Re: Thanx Sportsmachines

Once again a wonderful job. And thanks to those who came out also!

Captain Morgan

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Re: Thanx Sportsmachines

yup, thanks for all your had work and dedication, as well as your crews.

already looking forward to next years event as well as others, and hopefully I can stay for more than 8 hours.


Re: Thanx Sportsmachines

A big thanks from "trucksie" aka tricksie and sunshine and me as well. We both had a good time.


Re: Thanx Sportsmachines

Great job to sport machines. Next year being that our trucks turn 25 it will be a great show. I know tom talked to an owner of a marlboro syclone that would like to come.