What would you do?


Gear Grabber
I've got '93 Ty #1212. It's rusty as shit but complete, cladding is all there, interior is nice. Holley Terminator X, pretty stock truck otherwise. Unfortunately I believe I hurt a piston in it, it had some blow by and unfortunately shut off going down the road a few weeks ago and I'm pretty confident I put a hole in a piston or two (haven't looked at it yet so just assuming).

I've been on the fence between going to town on it and figuring out how to LV3 4.3 swap this thing, or just put a mild upgraded stock mill back in it. Are there any off the shelf piston/rod combos around for stock engines? I know they can be pushed into the 11s with stock stuff, but I'd rather just put some good parts in it if I'm going to go through the trouble of pulling the motor. What would y'all do?