whats your place too purchase cv axles ?

I don't (won't) purchase aftermarket axles. The boots they use suck and split within 12 months. It's fussy enough to R&R an axle, but the MESS a split boot makes! Who's gonna clean that shit up? I got tired of it. The original boots lasted 20+ years, and the replacements don't last 12 months. Fuck 'em.

After having 3 or 4 split outer boots on my DD S-10 over 2 years, I'd had enough. I bought 4 Moog boots ($45 each), a boot-clamp kit ($50.00), and the tool to crimp the boot clamps ($100). I took the axles apart, cleaned everything in the solvent tank, painted the shafts, re-greased the components and reassembled everything with the above boots, clamps, and tool. It's been over 7-8 years and I'm still driving the truck daily with no further boot messes to clean up. Cost over $300, but worth it for such a fussy job that I don't want to do every 12 months.

I'd take them apart and clean them. Buy the Moog boots and the tool. Unless you don't mind doing it every year, or you don't drive it enough to make the shitty boots split.

EDIT: Just for grins I looked up the Moog boots on Rockauto. 5405 inner and 5443 outer. They are listed as out of stock, "Pending Obsolescence ". So 'good' parts that last aren't available any longer.
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