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  • Keith, thanks again for tuning on the Demon**** of a Syclone and showing me how that Code 59 works. It was pretty fun! Look forward to seeing you in the upcoming weeks.
    - Zack
    Enjoyed the exchange with you in the "cut off switch thread". I learned some stuff.
    hey Keith great advice , found wastegate actuator solanoid stuck open. Ordered new solanoid and PCV valve's. let yo know when plx is connected. Hope you had fun at the track...
    Keith, ok so I still dont understand the wide band o2 connection. I know the two wires to the ecm, from diagram. But do I need the wide band o2 controller in pics, and with just one wire going to O2 sensor it reads rich always. I want to undesstand this. the 3 bar map fixed the check engine light. But still dont have o2 working. thanks Gt_Sgt.
    Hey Keith,

    How's it going? Haven't heard from you in a while. I removed my lower intake and replaced the lifters with GM ones and the ticking noise seems to have gone. Result!

    Just getting the filler neck welded on the upper IC then prob going to powdercoat it the same colour as the upper intake plenum.

    Brakes need bleeding and then it will be time to start tuning!
    Hey i installed The datamaster files you gave me at hooters and It loads up fine. I need the hack to get it working. Do you have it saved somwhere?.

    I know your going to nats. How are you going flying or driving. I know big mike is driving his sy are you riding shotgun in the sy. Reason I'm asking is I might be going after all. I needed to swap my head gaskets in the Ty. I'm puting it back together on saturday. I'm going to atco Tuesday night and if the head gaskets hold I'm loading it up for nats. Kind of last min. But with the store it's hard to know how busy I will be week to week. I will most likley be driving out myself in the hummer with my small trailer. I could use a co pilot. I will most likley leave thursday morning.
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