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  1. Rob Pod

    Anybody around Pittsburg (White Oak) Pa to check out a truck for me?

    I'm trying to find some1 near the S.E. Pittsburg Pa (White Oak Pa) area to look at a truck for me. I wanna build it up into a Syclone. Its a facebook post, its said Pending since the 3rd day. He still has the truck as of September 12th.The seller stopped replying to me either because I asked...
  2. Rob Pod

    Wide 17" Wheel Options

    What other 17x9s and 17x11s wheels are out there for our trucks? (Besides the usual ZR1 A-Molds, ZR1 SawBlades, CCWs) I may be getting back into the SyTy game near spring time, n just wanna see whats out there. I don't wanna run the usual ZR1 Wheels. I loved my Wide Ass C6 Z06s with Invos, but...
  3. Rob Pod

    I Sold Syclone 2414, Moving on in my automobile collection.

    It's been a fun 3+ years being a part of the SyTy Family. Yesterday (Friday the 13th) I sold Syclone 2414 to my childhood friend. I will still be around the scene a lil for a decent time. I met a few of you, and I can say it was fun more for me then any1 who met me. I will try & get my friend to...
  4. Rob Pod

    PA Syclone 2414 Lots of new parts.

    Any1 that was at SyTys @ Carlisle in 14-15 prolly saw my truck there. I will be the first to say. My truck is Not A Show Truck, it has some marks/issues here and there. Bought the truck 2 years ago (5/13) from Paul in Vegas, so the truck has NO Rust (That I can find). My truck has only been...
  5. Rob Pod

    PA DownPipe with extra bungs, Orange Turbo Elbow, Code 59, Injectors

    Parts off Syclone 2414, sitting in the corner.. All prices are OBO, and before shipping costs (Send $ as Family = No Paypal Fees) "Not Factory" Bronze Stained Solid Rear Glass $250 Stock DownPipe with Wideband Port and EGR Bung $75 30lbs Injectors $55
  6. Rob Pod

    Lets Play What Should My Syclone Run

    My Syclone has 99 Vortec Heads, LS1 Springs, ARP Studs, Manley SS Valves, Comp Cam Rockers, Eagle H-beams, Speed Pro Pistons, Comp 412 Cam, 255 Pump, 60s, Turbo Tweak Chip, 3 Bar Map, PLX Wideband, Kenne Bell A2A, 2800 Stahl Convertor, GT35, 3" Exhaust, 255/50 888Rs on Stockers, And Sticky...
  7. Rob Pod

    True Number of SyTys left

    Is there anyway to see how many are actually left? In 1991 a total of 2995 Syclones built, how many are left? In 1992 a total of 2400 (?) Typhoons were built, how many are left? In 1993 a total of 2200 Typhoons were built, how many are left? Thanx, Rob
  8. Rob Pod

    PA Looking for a JSM Style 3" DownPipe (New or Used, Buy or Borrow/Rent )

    Does anyone have a new or used JSM style 3" downpipe for sale? Wouldn't mind if I have to RENT it so I can have a copy made. I'm gonna try and work out a deal with a local exhaust shop. Thanx, Rob
  9. Rob Pod

    Tune Up Time.. (Whats the best Brand)

    Im getting ready to do a Tune Up on my Syclone.. I know NGKs are the Plugs to use. I want to know what is the Best Wires, Cap and Rotor to use?? Years ago, I was told Accel was the brand to go with.. Thanx, Rob
  10. Rob Pod

    Turbo Tweak a Member?

    I just want to know if the person that does Turbo Tweak Chips is a member on here (guessing yes). What is his/her Member name? Thanx, Rob
  11. Rob Pod

    60° Shank Lug Nutz VS: Extended Studs

    I wanted to make this write up for people who need to use a spacer on aftermarket rims that need to swap out factory studs because of the thickness of the spacers needed to clear frame and leaf springs.. Some of you saw out in Carlisle Pa that I have 19x12s on my Syclone this past weekend. I...
  12. Rob Pod

    PA For Sale (Maybe Trade) Factory Bronze Syclone Rear Window

    Im sure this is gonna piss some people off, but Im looking to sell/trade my factory rear window.. My truck doesn't have AC so I get Pretty Hot. $250 prefer local pickup, but will ship (buyer pays for the shipping). Trades: Maybe Good/Quality Progressive Meth Kit (I already have Rims, Turbo...
  13. Rob Pod

    Boost Vs: Octane Question

    I know 93 Octane is good for 15psi My question is what Octane is needed for 18 and 20psi (without using meth) What PSI is 100 Octane good till?? Thanx, Rob
  14. Rob Pod

    PA Looking to buy a Trailer Hitch for my Syclone

    Don't worry, I'm not gonna be a dick n tow with it.. I'm actually looking for a cheap crappy (U Haul Style) bolt together hitch.. I only want it so when I put my Sy on my car trailer I have somewhere to hook on to so my straps aren't touching my cladding and risk rubbing or cracking it any...
  15. Rob Pod

    PA (Thinking of selling) NOT PERFECT Stock Chrome Wheels

    A few months back I picked up a set of Chrome Wheels for my Drag Radials for my Syclone.. I still haven't mounted my tires on them yet because Im still back and forth with them.. I would rather the buyer be local to the Philadelphia Pa Area so they can be seen in person. There great for street...
  16. Rob Pod

    Flow Matched Injector Question...

    At what (Hp/Mod/1/4 Mile) point are Flow Matched Injectors Required?? Thanx, Rob
  17. Rob Pod

    Replaced Fuel Pump (Not Getting Fuel)

    I replaced my Fuel Pump (died in October) today, but still not getting any fuel to the rails.. I "HotWired" the fuel pump with direct Hot from the battery. Pump works n pushed fuel into fuel rails (Gauge on Rail).. I found what I think in the fuel pump relay, n pluged it into the AC relay next...
  18. Rob Pod

    All White Typhoon West Chester PA Area

    Mid 20's male driver 202/322 & 926 @ 1:05 p.m.
  19. Rob Pod

    PA 12 Gal Water/Coolant Tank With Hold Downs

    Was holding this for a friend to use in his Rustang But since he is playing games Figured that I would just post it up on here instead of wait for him longer.. Line will prolly be removed (Crushed and Crappy) I wanted to get $150obo + Shipping (Paypal Gift/Family) BRING ALL REAL OFFERS...