1993 Typhoon 623 for sale


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Bought truck Feb 2017 in NC w/a rod knock/spun bearings (did run)

After purchase the engine was removed, then all work stopped. There is no engine included in the sale, consider the truck as a roller not a runner.

Never titled the vehicle, do have title (clean) in hand

I believe the truck was resprayed at some point, paint work was very acceptable at time of purchase, no rust/rot/cancer.

Missing 1 piece of cladding, rear wheel arch

I do not have current pics, soon after purchase, I had major health issues and have been in decline since. I currently live in the Seattle WA area, truck is in storage in North Carolina (indoor but not climate controlled)

I am willing/wanting to meet a motivated buyer in person at the truck/in NC who is comfortable with the general condition/terms to complete transaction, subject to buyers in person inspection. I will insist on some money held in escrow or other arrangements as an act of good faith/to discourage people from wasting my time/money and not showing up

located near Fayetteville NC
*Price Revision*
I may have been way too optimistic on the first offer price, I'll entertain all interested offers


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So your going to include the new Reman Block and the broken block still in it right? Just want to make sure I understanding your post.


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Ill try again, its a roller not a runner. For clarity I'll say the engine installed when I bought it was removed, there is no engine included in the sale

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Sounds like everything under the hood is missing now. The remaining value is in the cladding and bumpers. Less the cost of transportation which is currently substantial. Its a parts truck, and there aren't many Typhoon parts left. Get hold of Tom Mandrov, he's in Florida now, and may be interested.

You need to catalog and list what is included to generate some interest in it. There was a time that I would be interested, but based on what I perceive about the content (nothing left but the cladding and bumpers) the cost of the diesel fuel to come get it exceeds what I would be willing to pay for it. So it has negative value to someone as far away as I am.

I don't go on face-fuck, but I hear that FB market place has exposure for SyTy. I'd try there.


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Thank you for the help/insight. I remember most of whats there but not all, selling may require flying there to catalog things and get recent pictures. My brother is way deeper into the car world than I am anymore, he felt confident Id have lots of interest.


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Im not sure where the turbo is im 50/50 its in the truck but, I had the upper manifold is gone. I do have the manifolds, intercooler rad and an aluminum core support someone made a run of (still wrapped in plastic) its on 17" zr-1 style wheels I also have a set of 92 seats.


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You say that you have a set of 92 seats. Does that mean that some of the interior is not there also?

If you are missing quite a bit of the SyTy engine parts that is going to most likely hurt the value. There is not a lot of those parts floating around and many potential buyers will want to use the original type parts to put it back together.

I have enough SyTy engine blocks, heads, pistons, rings for a couple of engines. But the turbo and other parts mentioned I sold off long ago. I could be talked into selling the parts that I have if someone purchases your truck and needs the parts that I have.


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the interior is complete, the seats are in addition. Im not a fan of the 93 fat man seats, very comfortable but not my cup o tea so I found a pair of 1992 seats. Im a bit confused about all the idea that many sy/ty engine parts are "missing" aside from the upper intake and perhaps the turbo (I had 2 at one point) I've got the intercooler and heat exchanger, exhaust, manifolds, cross over. I had the upper manifold syclone machined out and replaced with a machined typhoon plate that was epoxied in and then coated the manifold grey, I dont recall the guys name but he lived in Oregon. All said and done I had $700-$800 into it but once I decided to go ls swap (hate/flame me away lol) I sold it. The once piece of cladding flew off while I was transporting the truck from my garage to my storage location, I went back and combed the route all afternoon but couldn't find it.

No the truck wont ever be a numbers matching vehicle but aside from 2-3 sy/ty specific items all it needs are 4.3l gm v6 engine hard parts which I dont think are in super short supply?


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You descriptions of your truck and parts is where everyone got the idea of parts missing. If you would have started off with a post like this last post there would have been no confusion. But now you have been pretty thorough with this post so now everyone should know what is going on.

You have a roller with most Ty engine parts. Instead of a Ty roller.

You will probably get the most money if you would get recent photos, And inventory exactly what parts you have and go not have. But that is just my opinion.
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