4l80e conversion package


Contact me if you want them. These are the last of the group purchase and won’t be making more for a long time…
7 20 - 93 3 - 76 35


is there a wait on these for manufacturing? or will these ship right away? Buiilding a twin turbo LS Ty. Thanks.


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Why don't you make them available directly from Mark Williams or eBay or Sportmachines or just hold some stock? The need for them is (in my opinion) usually unpredictable (e.g. something will break unexpectedly) and then then you need one and a 4L80E. The community needs them quite often and in my opinion there is no point to make them "hard to get". For sure I'm biased while I wanted one and didn't get a specific answer from you for 2 months nor you informed me directly that you have one for sale, but for sure there will be others to look for one in the future.


If you looked you could have found my phone number pretty easily. Please remember I am not running this as a business only as a an enthusiast… each run has a huge cost, well over $10,000, for an “unpredictable” product, for a small niche market.

The profit margin on these is less than 5% and I did a run a few years ago where I had inventory of 10. I sat on the inventory… for over a year… That was a horrible return on my investment.

Mark Williams has no desire to stock the product.