'92 Typhoon in Siberia


In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
Thanks, I really appreciate when people have different opinions, because there's always more to the story.
Now let's get back to our trucks.

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DEAF Syclone
You are brainwashed. Innocent people are dying for no good reason. Nazis?? Really?? The president of Ukraine is Jewish! Give your head a shake.
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Please guys, delete those political postings ASAP. This is going nowhere...
And hyperlinking a list of people all (in words: every single one of them) being dead for decades won't help emphasize any point of view...
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In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
Well, so much for car enthusiast forum... Gentlemen, our trucks were supposed to unite us all, no matter who's dem or rep. Peace :)

I'll edit my previous posts to remove anything that I consider too political.

Anyways, Typhoon is coming to me next week, not sure if I want to try to at least start the engine (it's been sitting for exactly 10 years), or to just leave it be for now. I'm building a new house with big garage, but it will take a while. Until then I've not much room to actually do anything major.
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In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
Original trans (the one I bought the truck with) died. All of a sudden I heard some pop from underneath on a traffic light, and was barely able to pull over on its last breath. No front, no reverse, nothing. I was moving out of my hometown in a week, so I just left it like that.
Then I bought used 700r4 from some blazer online, but it wasn't working either. :D
So I've given up on idea of driving Typhoon to St. Petersburg in 2012, but kept paying rent for storage since then.

Now, after 10 years I've got a truck with engine full of unknown internals (and with no turbo), TC is literally welded back together from pieces after planetary exploded (there's a thread with pics somewhere around - its fascinating!) and doesn't have any output to the front. Body was beaten up even back then (but not rotten, so at least there's something to grow on). Cladding is also quite bad :(

Can't wait to start anyways.


In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
So, I finally moved my truck to where I live now. Now I can actually get to it and drop some nostalgic tears.
I rent this place, and it's not really suitable for any serious work, so this will have to wait.
2022-05-22 13-25-15.JPG

What's next? For quite some time now I'm focused on this here:
2021-10-12 15-59-40.JPG
Left garage/shop section was built for a sole purpose of Typhoon restoration. There's plenty of room, floor is reinforced for 2-post lift install later, but with all stuff happening around I can't predict when all this will be finished so I can move in and finally work on some cars.

BTW, I had a small side project with Typhoon's battery which was sitting there for like 11 years. I was curious if it can still crank that engine. Started charging at 0.4 volts; I was able to make it up to something, but it sure looks like one of cells is shorted (no wonder - electrolyte became so thin/weak that it obviously got frozen solid for many many times). Bummer.


In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-08 at 14.01.33.jpg

So, this is where this thing will eventually come to life (this is a plan) or else. Site is still under construction, but hey, I can finally get to vehicle any time I want.
I will try to start the engine somewhere in spring, we'll see how it goes.


In Mother Russia Typhoon drives You!
Hey, big news today. Last week I finally managed to wash that 13 year old dirt off, and properly cleaned the interior (leather was covered with some mold, omg).
Some pics:

Today I grabbed new battery, and couldn’t help myself. So, just a few seconds of cranking without fuel pump relay (I was checking if it sounds okay-ish), then fuel pump back in, and then this:

Fuel in the tank is like 14 years old. I had can of ether with me, but didn’t need it.
Anyways, its still a long journey which won’t start properly until I’m done with house. But now I kind of want to drop that tranny, disassemble both busted trannys that I currently have, and see if I can quickly make one that is working.