Any sources for Typhoon rear shock hoses or hose ends to keep original leveler system?


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Any sources for Typhoon rear shock hoses or hose ends to keep the original leveler system?

Something blew and the pump kept running. Guessing a nipple-chop. For now I disconnected it from just behind the rear left tire rather than pull a fuse.


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Pulled the fuse and reconnected the connector.
In true SyTy fashion I now have a parakeet under the car when it's moving. I'm thinking the rotors are glazed since I didnt turn 'em, but that's another adventure...

Update: ordered a set of ACDelco air shocks from RockAuto. I like the ELC too much to let it go. It's like the Millennium Falcon not farting a vape cloud after landing without it. I feel it's too much part of the character of a Ty.
The parakeet was the propshaft rear joint. No joke. Lucky I had a Gilbert shaft in the garage, and DaveP to swap them. It went pretty well. I just need to adjust the trans cable a bit, Dave warned me it might be off and need fine tweaking. I haven't tried the problematic lowest gear, just noticed it doesn't lock into OD going up a gear. I kinda have to pass OD a bit and come down to make it click. Too busy moving stuff, but I'll get to it.

Update 2: added a pic of the new shock. Part number 504535 (504-535) comes with new airlines too.


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