Anybody around Pittsburg (White Oak) Pa to check out a truck for me?

Rob Pod

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I'm trying to find some1 near the S.E. Pittsburg Pa (White Oak Pa)
area to look at a truck for me. I wanna build it up into a Syclone.

Its a facebook post, its said Pending since the 3rd day. He still has the truck as of September 12th.The seller
stopped replying to me either because I asked for some better
pix, or because I live in the Philly Pa Area Prolly a lil of both..

I'll pay $50 AFTER I see the pix (or video) of what I'm looking for.
(Wanna see the normal rust areas, good interior, & engine bay pix)
I just don't wanna take a 9 hour round trip ride for a beat up truck.

I really dont wanna put the link on here n bring alot of eyes to it.

So, if your in the S.E. Pitts Pa Area hit me up, I'll pm you the link.

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