Full frame off resto

Yeah its been alot of fun and how time has flown, I have a hard time believing it's been at the old man's house for 4 years now in some form of disassembly.

The project end is definitely in sight and to say im excited would be a huge understatement!

I've begun the installation of the interior panels. All of them throughly scrubbed cleaned, power washed, and/or repaired.

I repainted most of the interior panels and they turned out great but as you can clearly see, the center console does not match the padded top. When I color matched the rear panels, it seamed to match almost perfect. Anyways, problem for another day. Its in, shifter works and so do the 2 bulbs.
The "gap panel?" In the back was bit of a pain in the ass, just couldn't find the original holes but that's in as well. Atleast it's all like new and smells clean. The leather is all good as well. No cracks or splits.



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It's Friday afternoon and I'm just getting everything ready to go and work on the truck tomorrow. I try to load everything into the van the night before so come morning I can just hop in and go.

Been waiting few weeks for my rims to be refinished along with new tires. I love the look of the originals but are no longer manufactured, so I got a set of Firestone Indy 500's. Man do they look good. I'll be posting pictures this weekend of them on the truck.


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Some pictures from today


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The wheels are like lipstick on a pig! Lol.

The place I took em to chemically striped the old finnish off, straightened,


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Sorry, above I was saying, chemical stripping and straighten (they weren't too bad, dented outer rim bead mostly)
A process called diamond cutting was done on the rim front face. Then all masked off and power coated gray on back side and between the spokes. The rim outer lip and center caps were polished by hand then all of it power coated in clear and baked on.

I thought it was wise to have the same dudes put the wheels on and they even come with one year warranty. I didn't really think they looked that bad when I brought them in, and it definitely wasn't cheep but they look great and I'm happy with the outcome.