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I hear ya. Don't worry too much about it. The things we do to our trucks is not always someone else's cup of tea. I'm sure the purists have had a heart attack once or twice with the posts I make about my truck. Just keep wrenching and do what makes you happy. (y)
no big updates but I am slowly whittling away at things. Moneys been tight lately. need to fix that somehow.. lol but i have most of my fue,l oil and water plumbing laid out. I still need to drill/tap my oil pan for a return. I picked up a Innovate Scg-1 wideband/boost controller. seems to be a pretty neat unit. still gotta finish up the injector wiring AND get some suspension back under it.. hopefully I'll be firing it up around the new year tho!


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Turbo truck is getting sidelined for a bit. Just picked up this 00' ZR2 manual for a great deal. Gotta put a good rear end under it along with some rust repair and a good cleaning. Its going to be my new cheap daily


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