PLX Guage Display Dead


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The PLX digital display looks like this now. Most likely because of the heat in Mission Viejo today. The LEDs work, just the center digits are scrambled:

I think it's dead dead. I guess the best option is move these two to under the dash area and buy a new display in the future. 🤷‍♂️


That’s a bummer.
When you get ready for a new display have you thought about the Scanmaster G? It’s a pretty sweet little unit if you’re keeping the stock ecu. I used one for a couple years until I went with one of this Motocam plug and play units.


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It LIVES! I'm gonna print a shield to put above it, with a double air-gap to protect it from the sun. But it's for sure the heat. It scrambled the next time I started the car after this pic.

Anyways, I'll check out the Scanmaster G. The PLX is simulating the narrowband to the ECU so the brain needs to stay. The gauge is nice, but if it does this, man I dunno. Hopefully the shield works out. If I move to Vegas, this thing will be dead every day.