Syty shops/mechanics

Dan B

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Let's here who you like, & why.. Sportsmachines (Tom M), SK Kustoms (Sean K) Buick Turbo Performance (Jim D), Broughtons Performance (Patrick B,) others??


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IMO it really depends on what needs to be done. Although I tend to stay away from dealers, they can work on most stuff. If it was tuning performance or mods related, I would never go there. Location is also a factor. I happen to reside close to Sean K of SK Kustoms. He has been helping me with my Typhoon long before he had a business. He just finished a ton of work on my truck, including a Holley install. I've also purchased lots of stuff over the 18 years I've had my truck from Tom at Sportmachines, but have never had him work on my truck. Not mentioned is Turbo Tweak, he can provide his tuning chip (and other parts) built to your truck and mods. What I've learned is you will need to dive in and learn how to do the work on these. I am not a mechanic, but can work and figure out things as I go. It was also very helpful to reach out to others for help when it came to something I was not familiar with. I been to and hosted several wrench sessions where like minded SyTyers gather to help each other out.