Track day


It's never enough
Ran over to Rock Falls Raceway with my Dad and my brother to make some passes before the end of the season up here. Ran the newly hyped Dragy with each pass. Was pretty impressed with how accurate that thing was (aside from the DA which is understandable). DA on the app was reading 2300-2500ft. Found out after the fact it was closer to 3500ft that day. The timeslips in comparison to the app were all within 1/100th of a second on the 1/4 mile times. Pretty crazy. Either way it was good to make some runs after being down last year. 1st pass I didnt' get an actual timeslip cause I built boost a tad early and had to leave before the tree dropped. Dragy showed 12.02 @ 109.98. Was kicking myself for that one but lesson learned.

2nd pass:
60 - 1.72
1/8 - 7.67 @ 89.12
1/4 - 12.12 @ 109.17

3rd pass:
60 - 1.71
1/8 - 7.71 @ 88.56
1/4 - 12.17 @ 108.75

4th pass
60 - 1.74
1/8 - 7.70 @ 88.75
1/4 - 12.2 @ 108.01

Wasn't much point in running as the air got worse throughout the day. Last time we went to the track the Ty was running 12.4-12.6 with stock converter. Just an absolute pig outta the hole. Was fun to get back to boost launching again.


It's never enough
Nice times !!!

whats the setup ?

20g14cm 3inchDP 3Kstall vortecs 60lb Walbro 525 TT chip running 110 BBK TB few other little mods like hotwired IC/fuel pump, egr delete, SM lower heat exchanger w/ Johnson pump, afpr, abs delete nitto drs all around etc. Really wanted an 11.9 run but probably gotta wait until next year.