Ty side mirror


I Love My Ty's
My driver side electric mirror does not work. I haven't looked for the problem yet. So I don't know if it is the motor or other electrical issue.

It has me wondering. Is the motor replaceable, or does the whole assembly have to be replaced? It may be apparent if I had looked at it. But I thought that I would post. Maybe get a little posting going on in the forum. Has anyone ever had a problem with their electric mirror? What was the problem?

I suspect finding parts or another mirror may be a little difficult.


Brick Pilot
Almost.............. Adam.
I did have a switch malfunction killing the adjustment of one side. Put in a different switch and both sides worked again. Might be worth a try, or try flipping the mirrors to test to see if the trouble follows.


I Love My Ty's
It is supposed to be a little warmer this weekend, maybe I will be able to look into the problem. I have gotten lazy over the winter.

Thanks for posting.