Wheel studs


I Love My Ty's
This has been mentioned on the site before. But I thought that I would bring it up again. So any new members that see this post could check their wheel studs to make sure they have sufficient length of wheel stud threaded into the lug nut.

This only becomes a issue if you have aftermarket wheels. I finally had some time to spend working on my Royal Ty. It has Z06 rims on it. I removed the front lug nuts to remove the rim. Noticing right away only about a half inch of threads to screw into the lug nuts. Not good at all. That is not very safe. But longer studs are available. Dorman makes them and they are 54mm in length. I picked up longer studs at NAPA. They were a little cheaper than other parts stores. And the guy at the store told me they were made by Dorman. But different part number than other parts stores. It is probably only the front that will need to be replaced. The rears if you have wheel spacers usually have longer studs.

The Dorman part number is 610-323. If you buy from NAPA they are able to cross reference the part number.